Sunday, March 22, 2009

Walter A. Monke 1910-2009

Last Saturday morning -- the 14th-- was a rainy day. I was so thankful for the rain, because it meant soccer was canceled for the day and I had a day to clean out bedrooms, start organizing and getting ready for bringing new kiddos home. Somewhere in the mid-morning, in the midst of boxes, donation items and dust bunnies, my mom called on my cell phone. I missed the call but heard the ring. So I called back and was totally unprepared for the words I heard.

My grandpa died. He was the most healthy, active, on-the-go 88 year old guy I have ever known :). He had just bought a brand new Chevrolet and had plans for it over the summer. He was VERY active in his local VFW chapter, loved his church, pastor and the morning Sunday School class. My grandpa lived John 10:10-- he knew how to live life to the fullest. Even right up until he fell asleep in his chair on Friday night and walked off into heaven by Saturday morning. My grandpa-- WWII medic officer to the Pacific Front (bronze star recipient for heroic service), high-school ag education teacher and major promoter of local area ag education, successful farmer, adoring husband, strong father, AMAZING Grandpa and Great-Grandpa... now walks with Jesus, and his Lucille :)

Our family is maybe just now beginning to stand up again. Barely. Maybe the shock is over--maybe. The outpouring of love for Grandpa was overwhelming, though not unexpected. He was well known and well loved. I know that I must be the most blessed woman on the face of the earth. The Good Lord chose to put me in a family with multiple strong, honorable, God-fearing, courageous men... my grandfather, father, brother... and then He topped it all off by giving my my husband. Who am I, that I should be so loved, so spoiled, so cherished?

God, grant me the strength to live in the grace and carry on the legacy of full-life which Grandpa knew and walked out so well. Amen.

PS... I have been trying to upload pictures, but not successful-- I think because of my connection at the beach... so look forward to tons of great Grandpa pics!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Problem File

Ouch. So, I guess it's been a while since I have last blogged. Well... not much to tell. We COULD possibly have our court date moved up into April. MOWA (Ministry of Women's and Children's Affairs) has decided to write more letters of approval for families to be seen in court for March and April. This means that more court dates have beeen opening up and allowing our agency to move families with current court dates in April and May, into March and April. That is great news... but in our case, we won't travel any earlier to get the kids. We will still be traveling either the end of May or early June, depending on when Tony is able to get home. All sort of up in the air-- like I said... nothing new to tell :)

Otherwise, life has been full speed ahead. Which could explain why I can't seem to find time-- or stableness of mind-- to blog. AND... I confess. I facebook a lot more these days. It is just easier. I'm not really sure why... it just is. Okay, sidetrack... see what I mean? I should be in bed. :)

Last week, I had to stop by the dealership where we bought the superburban to sign some papers for the title clerk. When the clerk pulled out the file with letters she needed me to sign, I noticed that the name on the file's tab said, "PROBLEM" in bold print-- all caps. Just like I wrote it. I couldn't help it. I just started giggling and said outloud-- "Hey, look at that! We made it to the PROBLEM file! That's pretty funny! And so... well... so True!!" I'm not sure the title clerk knew whether to laugh with me or be concerned. She just sorta looked at me with a half grin on her face. This made the whole thing more funny to me.

So, I think I've decided that if I ever go insane, I will be a happy insane person. And, when I get old and senile, I think I will be a happy old senile person. This is very good. I really want to be "happy" crazy and not "the mean old ... ", well you get the idea. And if I will not be that way, then oh well. I have decided I WILL be that way and when it happens I won't know, so it won't matter anyway.

Hmmm... do you think I need Tony to come home?? ;D

Grace and Peace,