Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Game Ball Boy

Over the weekend, all the boys had their opening games AND pictures for their sports. Wyatt is playing soccer in Sanford and Isaac and Sam are playing baseball in Broadway (did you catch that? Three different boys, each playing a sport-- with lots of practices and games-- in different towns). Not only did they all have games, but they were almost all at the same time AND Tony was single daddy (see the post below) for the weekend. Oops! Well, they all survived and I'm so proud that they even did WELL!! Sam missed his pictures, but it's okay... he's five. There will be more.

The most exciting thing, though is that my Isaac got the first game ball of the season!!! He played first base, made three outs AND hit a double, helping propel his team to the victory :D. I am so bummed that I missed it, but he was sure to show it to me as SOON as I walked in the door. After I took his picture, he looked at me sort of sheepishly and said, "Mom, do you think we could put this on the blog?" Like he needed to ask ;). BTW, this is his first year playing baseball-- yes, I am braggin' on my boy.

I'm so proud of each of my boys. They work hard and try their best at whatever they do. I know God will put the talents and gifts that He has given them to great Kingdom work, someday... what a joy and honor to be their mama!! :)

Grace and Peace,

My Running Camp Weekend

Yes, I ACTUALLY registered for AND attended a running camp last weekend. It was an amazing experience. I drove to Boone, NC on Thursday and spent four days running, attending running workshops, eating great healthy "runner" food-- that I didn't have to make, practicing running drills, learning running core work and yoga moves for runners, learned the components of a training program, got one-on-one time with an elite running coach AND just hung out with other runners-- all from different walks of life, with different goals and desires for the weekend camp. I won't bore you with all my running details, but needless to say, I had a great time, met some great people and came home revived and ready to put renewed energy into my running life.

Did I use the word "running" enough for you? Here is the link to ZAP if you would like to see what they are all about and check out their beautiful facility and location in the NC Mountains. Their main mission is to support and train elite athletes on their road to success. But they also spend the summers offering many different running camps geared toward the "regular" person who loves running and wants to learn ways they can reach their goals, no matter what level they are. BTW... it just so happened that one of my fellow campers was there to not only get great running (there's that word again) information but also to feature ZAP in an upcoming issue of Southern Living. Scott Jones is the food and wine editor of the magazine and an addicted-- I mean-- avid runner as well, currently training for Chicago Marathon, AND raising money for World Vision. A photographer from SL came to spend a couple days with us and took LOTS of pictures. Who knows, maybe in the next few months you could open your Southern Living magazine and see... ME!!! And other campers, of course :).

Okay, that is how I spent my last weekend-- totally spoiled and very pumped about my running future :) Only seven weeks to go before City of Oaks Marathon in Raleigh. Just... Keep... RUNNING!!!! :)

Grace and Peace,

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hanna and other Happenings

We survived Hanna but not completely unscathed... can you believe that??? At about 7:30 this morning, Isaac pointed to the ceiling from the second story and said, "Hey Dad, what's that? Water just dripped on me." That was all it took to make Tony move faster than lightening. The next hour was a a flurry of, "GET ME FLASHLIGHT!!! I NEED A BUCKET!!!!! WHERE IS THAT FLASHLIGHT!!!!" Note to self, make a list of supplies that we MAY need in a hurricane and put them ALL together in ONE PLACE! I had all that stuff, but it was scattered all over the place. Not helpful. And my brain wasn't firing on all pistons at that moment either. Also not helpful.
Turns out, a venting pipe which goes out the roof of the house wasn't sealed properly, allowing water to seep down the sides of the pipe and down onto the ceiling. Fortunately we caught it early and it was a minor drip. It will also not take much to fix. No problem. I like high pressure situations in the morning-- wakes me up. You know I am not serious. The sad truth is, I have been secretly looking forward to Hanna's arrival for a couple days now. I knew she wasn't going to be strong enough to inflict real harm, but definitely mighty enough to cancel all our Saturday responsibilities.
The drippy ceiling was not our only injury. Our power never did go out, but did surge a few times-- again, early in the morning. Apparently, it got the best of our home computer. Tony can't get it to do anything but flash a blinking question mark at him. Hmmm... I don't think it is supposed to do that. We are going to take it to the Apple store tonight to have a diagnostic done on it. Fortunately, we have our computers covered as part of our USAA home owners policy and I am pretty sure we will get at least part of a new computer covered through them.

So, that is it for Hanna. It is gone. Quick mover, that Hanna is. Except now, I have no excuse for not doing a run this afternoon-- oh wait, yes I do. I have to have my computer "diagnosed". Besides, it's hot and sticky and still windy. And I'm on a low-mileage week, so I don't feel bad not running. Guess I'll have get back to business tomorrow.

In other Team Dragovich news, yesterday the boys and I were up at the crack of dawn driving to Spencer, NC. There is a pretty awesome Transportation Museum there and though it took us two hours to get there, it did NOT disappoint!! The boys had a FABULOUS time, learned a lot of fun NC Railroad history, and had LOTS of hands-on experiences-- of course, culminating in a REAL train ride on an old-fashioned passenger train. That wasn't their favorite part, however. Their favorite thing was playing Star Wars in the factory-turned-museum. They apparently turned the entire building into a Star Wars spaceship and ran from station to station turning knobs, pressing buttons, flipping switches and rooting out evil in-between the railroad cars. And in case your wondering what kind of mother lets her boys run wild in a train museum playing Star Wars... well, I could go to great lengths describing how the museum was really designed for such freedom of investigation- whether you are playing train conductor OR Star Wars... but, instead I'll simply say...I am that kind of mother :D

Enjoy the photos!
Grace and Peace,

Before the train, came the canoe

Can you imagine racing in this???

Wyatt and Isaac on the turntable... they aren't so sure yet.

Climbin' on the caboose

Getting on the Train

PS. BTW, we have been officially waiting over 3 months for our referral. Only 4-6 more to go ;)!!