Saturday, April 24, 2010

Obviously I need to blog more

Okay... I had to leave to do soccer before I was done giving labels to all the pictures. So... the rest of the pictures in the post before this one are about:

squirrel rescue in March/April. This is Lucky. His brother-- Unlucky-- is buried in my rose garden... may he rest in peace.

Pinewood Derby and Klondike racing for cub/boy scouts in Feb/March. All 3 of my cubs made it to district with their cars.... can you believe that??!!

Getting the side of the house ready for our new boat-- rocks, shovels, kids, wheelbarrows

Airsoft wars with friends for Wyatt's birthday (goggle pictures)

Bowling for Valentine's Day.

2010 events which are not captured in pictures:

Boating on Lake Jordan in our new boat for Easter-- yes, the kids DID get in the water and even tubed!!! I was just dumb and left the camera in the car.

Our first Chuck E. Cheeses adventure for a friend's birthday party-- that was too stressful to fathom taking pictures.

Spring soccer... who knows why I don't have pictures of this.

Risa going from 2 to almost 6 in 9 months. It is a long story, and one that I will not tell all of here. I guess the pictures of this can be found in the posts for the last nine months! Needless to say, we are in the process of having her birth certificate changed to more closely match what we THINK is her true age-- giving her as much lee-way as possible.... she lost her two front teeth at Christmas... her bone age is many months over 6 years.. Crazy. So.... maybe it hasn't been THAT unintentional that I haven't blogged much. I've had a lot to process-- as well as a LOT of life to live!!!!

Very full :)

Grace and Peace,

The Quarterly Update in pictures

Risa at Team Dragovich's FIRST camporee with the Boy Scouts. Yes... that is right, we camped with ALL 5 kids at the beginning of the month. (April)

Yeah... I know. I am a lame blogger. I'm a much better facebook-er. Anyway. I won't even attempt to describe all that has happened in our family over the past 4 months. I'll just give you the scoop in pictures. Happy Spring to you all!!!! The pictures are in "reverse chronological order". I posted them wrong and don't have time to make them go in chronological order. :)
Handsome boys in their Scouting uniforms!

Building tunnels at VA Beach

Serious construction work in progress

Mommy and her fan club after running the VA Beach Marathon-- March 21, 2010
I won my age division and came in 20th woman overall... it was all because of my excellent cheer team!

Here I come at mile 24-- in the pink-- look at my crowd clapping me to the finish line!

This is what they do in between seeing me race

Getting ready to watch Mommy run 26.2 miles :)

Breakfast is a highlight of every marathon

Wyatt and Isaac raced in the "Final Mile" the day before my marathon.

Wyatt and Isaac waiting for their corral to race-- nervous boys :)

They have the best fan club, too!!