Monday, July 21, 2008

Yeah, I know... MIA

Okay, I know... it has been a month since my last post. I have no excuse other than it is SUMMERTIME!!! We have been having a great summer; full of gardening, swimming, camping, reading great books, planning for school next year... The list goes on and on! I am sorry though. I know that my faithful two readers have probably given up on me. Hopefully I can win you back with some witty conversation and lots of PICTURES!! I'll save the witty conversation for later (my brain hurts from trying to upload the pictures and put them in order!) But, here are some highlights of our summer so far:

Our Trip to OBX; Waiting for the Cedar Island ferry to take us to Okracoke-- we're loaded down: camper, bikes, ferry activities, snacks, dog and all!!!

Posing boys in front of the NC Ferry sign
On our way to Okracoke (2 1/2 hour ferry ride!)
Brushing burrs out of Penny's tail
Shari and Isaac at the sight of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse before it was moved in 1999 due to beach erosion (Yes, I wear a lot of bandannas when we camp!!)
Climbing to the top of the Hatteras Lighthouse!
Team Dragovich is up high!

Good to be on solid ground!
Isn't it beautiful? Can you believe they moved that entire thing??
I LOVE lighthouses!!!

Our garden:
My attempt at growing fruit:I love summer flowers!

Our garden in May:

Our garden in July:
A sampling of our harvest (the middle green ball is a baby watermelon-- they aren't supposed to get big, but I think they are supposed to be bigger than that-- I am just happy that we are able to grow them, next year I will work on how to make them bigger!) Every couple days I harvest just about that much produce... the only plants which haven't done very well are the sweet peppers, watermelons and cantalope.

Oh, FYI... we have been waiting almost 2 months now for our referral. 6-8 months to go. Generally I don't really think about it-- I mean the fact that we have to wait and wait-- I DO think about how I can't wait to put bows in hair, and ruffles on bums!!! :D

Grace and Peace,


InGod'sHands said...

I've been faithfully checking your blog for an update. You have been on my mind a lot lately. I'm glad to get to see the pictures. I hope all 5 of you are doing well.

Blessings, Rebecca K.

Anonymous said...

I have been waiting for a new post!! I hope you include me as one of the two faithful stalkers-I mean readers. :-) Emily

Andrea and Peter Kidd said...

Sounds like you are doing great this summer! It has been a while since i had checked in. Wanted to say hi, send love and prayer and let you know I was thinking about you today. I love the pictures of your gorgeous family on vacation.....happy belated anneversary.


Rob and Candy said...

Wow- your vacation looks awesome. I have garden envy!

ethiHOPEia said...

Wow! Great produce! Jacob has been bringing in the produce from our garden every day...
Keep looking up!