Tuesday, December 9, 2008

We've only been a LITTLE pre-occupied :)

I'm sure you have all been sitting on the edge of your seats for an update on Team Dragovich. I just knew it-- and I am soooo sorry to let your bum get sore :)

The truth is... we tried to stow away in Tony's Army baggage and head across the Big Pond with him. It almost worked, until his bags were weighed and each one came in WAY over the limit and... well... here we are. Back in NC!

Okay, that isn't what really happened-- I bet you're shocked. Really, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving and were so very thankful to have Daddy come home for a few days-- but it made saying goodbye again that much harder!! Fortunately, I didn't have too much time to wallow in my self-pity. The boys and I made and impromptu trip to Florida to visit a very dear friend of mine who was in the states for a couple of weeks. We haven't seen each other in four years and I would say it WAS ABOUT TIME!!! The boys and I made the 13 hour drive on Monday, played with our friends until Friday and then drove home. We had a SUPER time-- except for the part when Wyatt broke his hand at Busch Gardens in Tampa... on Tuesday. UGH! It ws not one of those obvious breaks, but when I finally did take him in to the ER (the next afternoon, of course!), there it was-- a spiral fracture on the bone connecting to his first finger-- forgive my lack of medical terminology... my husband is gone, you must suffer through my lame explanations of things (what would that be, the first meda-tarsil? Oh my, and I'm even spelling it all wrong!).

Well, anyway, other than the broken hand-- which sort of put a damper on things for Wyatt-- we had a lot of fun, and I'm so glad I braved the trip. I think I have not fully recovered, though. We sort of came home and hit the ground running-- and NOT the kind of running I would personally have preferred :) Saturday we went to Durham to see a theatre performance of the "Christmas Carol". Sunday I spent a large part of my day at church. Monday, we were at the hospital for many, many hours, trying to finalize Wyatt's hand situation. Today we had homeschool P.E.; and somewhere in there I have tried to make our home at least a LITTLE festive (we opted for no tree this year, since we will only be here for 2 weeks enjoy it, and all my boxes of Christmas are WAY up high and require an extension ladder and a Tony to haul them down), do the Christmas shopping, cram in some school--ha, ha! and whatever else seems to creep up. All I have to say is, "Praise the Lord for internet and FREE SHIPPING!!" ;D

To all my stalkers from IL, whom I just realized read my blog and don't post-- how naughty-- I am coming your way, so watch out!! I would love to catch up with you while we are in town, so shoot me an email or something! We'll be there for a while, so hopefully I can see some old friends :)

Grace, Peace and Good Tidings of Comfort and Joy to you all!

PS... I tried twice to load pictures and twice it was interrupted, so you will have to wait.


Susan said...

UGH-a broken hand! Glad to hear you had fun otherwise.

Let us know if there is anything we can do to help with Tony gone.

Love you! Susan

Dana said...


I am so bad at this blogging thing and have no idea if it is "safe" to leave my email so I will give you a hint. It is my married last name@aol.com.

We will be in Mt. Olive Dec 25-28 and would love to say hi if your schedule permits. We know how busy these trips can be.