Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Team Dragovich is 2 STRONGER!!!!!!!!

Joshua Biruk & Rebekah Selami Dragovich

I'll try not to talk too much because I know all you care about are pictures :D. I'll have to work on a slide show this evening-- I just couldn't bring myself to do one until they were legally ours. Anyway... I'm rambling. Anna Graham, our Programs Director called me at 9:35ish this morning with the news. The boys and I were on our way to the gym-- actually, we were about 3 blocks from our destination when the phone rang. I saw it was AWAA and I really had to hesitate and take a deep breath. As soon as I heard Anna's voice, I knew. That didn't stop the scream of pure joy and elation though. The boys were ready for it. In fact, they told me before the call even came, "Mom, we're going to hold our ears, just in case. We remember the referral call!"

What did I do after talking to Anna? Went for a run :) Then, we went to Dick's Sporting Goods and bought Joshua BIRUK Dragovich a soccer ball. And now, I am getting ready to order Rebekah SELAMI Dragovich a bitty baby doll from American Girl.... I have been planning this splurge for many moons now.

Here they are....
Joshua (Jehovah Saves) Biruk (Blessed) Dragovich at Referral 2/10/09

Rebekah (To Bind in) Selami (peace) Dragovich at referral 2/10/09

JB & RS in March

JB & RS in April

JB & RS in May

Thank you, THANK YOU for keeping our family faithfully in your prayers. Now, we get ready to travel over the 4th of July-- I can't think of a better way to spend Independance Day!!!!!

Grace and Peace,


jill coen said...

Praising God with you!! They are beautiful and they are Dragovich's!!!!!

Jaime said...

yeah! how old are they? looks like we'll be travel buddies~

Kari said...

WOWWWWW!! We are sooo happy for your family. The children are so beautiful!! We've been holding our breath all day for miracle court news. Just saw it pop up on my blog roll...yayyyyy
Congrats Team Dragovich!!

The Gillman Family said...

We are soooo excited for you. Yea Team Dragovich!!! Get to packing my friends!!!!

Sherry said...

PTL!!!! We remember your kiddos from ET. We'll dig through and see if we have any pics for you. :) They are adorable! We are THRILLED that you have passed!!!! Blessings, Sherry

Erica said...

They are adorable! Congratulations!

KLT said...

What a joy to see these faces!
Praising God with you...

the Steiger's said...

We are so happy for you.

Rob & Candy said...

Wooo-Hooo!!! They are adorable.

ethiHOPEia said...

Yes!!!!! I am SO HAPPY for you tonight. May you enjoy the excitement of all the final preparations.


Anonymous said...

Praising God with you. Those 2 kids are going to love being a part of your team. Miss you guys. Hi to all from all of us.

Hollands said...

Such great news!!! Woo hoo! Congratulations. Now GOT GET THOSE KIDDOS!

Sincerely Anna said...

Just heard the news! I KNOW how excited you are and we are in awe over God's goodness, too. Joshua and Rebekah are BEAUTIFUL! I'm subscribing to your blog in my reader so I can keep up with your journey. Lots of love!