Sunday, February 27, 2011

Prayer to end Human Trafficking

            Last night before going to bed, I already had a sense of purposefulness for this morning’s quiet time.   Rather than my usual reading and journaling, I asked God to reveal His desire through specific Scripture—though I had no idea where in the Bible such scripture might be.  With some apprehension—not in His words, rather in my ability to discern His speaking to me—I opened my Bible and landed on Psalm 70 – 72.

            The crime of human trafficking—in particular of women and children—has been weighing heavier and heavier on me.  While I sip my hot coffee, preparing for the battles of my day-- piled up laundry, cranky children, squeezing in my next run—a child is being sold for sex.  Another child is exploited by his or her own parents, who out of desperation, exchange their child for next month’s bread; dooming that child to slave labor or the black market side of adoption.
            This morning, the words found within Psalms 70-72 spoke directly as intercession for those caught in human trafficking.  The prayer that follows is almost completely Scripture filled.  It is what covered three pages of my journal entry for the morning—something I rarely share:

            Hasten, O God to save them!  O Lord, come quickly to help those caught in human trafficking. 
            Put to shame evil people who would commit such violence—confuse their ways. 
            May they be turned back in ruin and disgrace, may those who capture and sell children—who say, “Aha!”  “Aha!” be turned back—caught and trapped by their own crimes.
            But, may those who are targeted be rescued and give You praise!
            May they be glad in You!  Let them sing continually of Your praises,
            “Let God be exalted!”

            Those trapped in this human violence are poor and needy—come quickly to them, O God!
            Be their Help and their Deliverer;
            Let them take refuge in You, do not let them be put to shame.
            Rescue and deliver them in Your righteousness, turn Your ear to their cries and save them;
            Deliver them from the hands of wickedness—from the grasp of evil and cruel men.
Father, be their Hope!  Do not forget them!
For You brought them forth from their mother’s womb, You know the very hairs on their heads and You have a purpose and a plan for them.
O Lord, come quickly!  Be not far from them.  Raise up workers to be Your hands and feet;
Those who will shine Your light in the darkness and expose the horrendous nature of human trafficking and those evil enough to engage in it!

Though the women and children being trafficked are seeing trouble too deep to imagine,
Father, I ask and trust You to restore their lives.
From the depths of the earth, bring them up, increase their honor, comfort and heal them of their woundedness. 
You are Redeemer, Healer God and I trust fully in your power to fully restore what has been lost.

Thank you, Father, for faithful men and women who answer the call to expose and eradicate human trafficking;
Putting to shame and confusion those who pursue such violence;
While offering Your hope and  future to those rescued from it. 

Strengthen and support such workers.  Lead them in the specific way they need to go. 
Direct their paths—guide them through the darkest of dark holes on this earth, protecting them from harm.

Raise up a war cry among your people, O God!  Cause deep, moving outrage. 
Overthrow tyrannical governments, who turn a deaf ear to the cries of trafficked children!  Replace such rulers with Godly governments which honor and uphold all human life as precious.  Endow kings with justice and those in power with righteousness. 

You promise to defend the afflicted among the people—save the children of the needy and crush the oppressor,
You promise to rescue them from oppression and violence, for their blood is precious to You!

May we, Your people, go when You call, move to where You lead and do what You have purposed each one to do.
            For all You have done and all You will do—I praise You! 
            I praise You with song and dancing
            I praise You for Your faithfulness; my lips shout for joy—even in the midst of sadness.
            For You are Redeemer God!  You have rescued and restored thousands of victims of human trafficking,
            And I look to the day when it is wiped out completely!

            By the power of Christ, I pray,  

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