Thursday, February 21, 2008

I give in

Soooo.... I tried with all I have to make the .mac thing work. I mean, I had it all laid out. Easy cheesy, right??? NO. It was slow. No one wants to visit slow. Then, we changed it all to go directly to GoDaddy. Easy cheesy, right??? NO. The blogs don't always upload when I tell them to, and no one can leave comments. And, Yes, I am crazy enough to believe that people WILL want to comment... so, now I have a website AND a blogspot. Now I am officially cool like all the other bloggers in the world and life is good. As long as I can keep up with my blog... and it is cool enough for people to comment. :)

Happy blogging everyone, and until next blog.... Team D is out.


Jill Coen said...

Do I get to be your first comment?! Woo hooo!! I'll be following closely. :)
love, jill

Susan said...

Thanks for switching! Now I can keep up with you guys!

~Susan (AWAA Family-NC)

Rob & Candy said...

yah! a blog I can comment on! YIPPEE! I've added you to my Bloglines! I cannot wait for more Team D!