Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Team Dragovich and the Big Snow

Hurray!!! Snow-- and its even the good sticky kinds for snowballs!

Yes, they DID get a snow day-- don't ask how that works... here's my excuse-- "Everyone else was off!!"

Once upon a time in the land of Sanford, North Cackilacka, there lived a beautiful family with the most lovely but somewhat haggard from her husband's recent deployment, mother in all the land... oh, sorry-- sidetrack... There lived a most interesting family with THREE crazy-- I mean, well mannered boys in it. One day, when those sweet, angelic, completely obediently children woke up, what should they find? Why-- it was SNOW!! Snow had fallen from the sky and completely covered their entire yard, trees, flowers, toys that they perpetually leave outside every day... why, even their lovely, eternally patient, completely joyful mother's mini-van was vanished by mounds and mounds of crystally white, sort of damp and clumpy, but absolutely stunning snow...

This may be the only picture we ever have of our house coated in snow

Anyway, it snowed :)! Just like the beginning of my tale which you would NEVER believe-- well, it really can happen. Snow really CAN fall out of the sky in North Carolina!!

Shall we go out to enjoy a glass of wine on the back porch?

Grace and Peace,

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jill coen said...

Isn't it fun?! It's like real, live snow!! We had a ball and enjoyed an extra day off.