Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We're Ready for our Referral!

Sam loves his new ride!

Today I spent the entire day at a dealership in Fayetteville, trading in our van for a suburban. I have been on the hunt for a couple of weeks and last week, I found "the one". Whatever that means. It was hard work getting the best trade in for our van, getting the dealers to get to our numbers and do it on my own. Then, if that wasn't hard enough, trying to purchase the the Yukon XL with a Power of Attorney was an ENORMOUS pain-- almost as enormous as our new superburban!!!

I don't think this is a good idea...

Yeah. That's better!

Now, we can get our referral for our two new kids-- I can't wait. Think I should call our agency and tell them they can go ahead and give us our referral now???

Grace and Peace,
Room for 6 kids!!

And room for LOTS of stuff :))


the Steiger's said...

This is my dream car. I am so jealous. Enjoy!!! I hope you will get the call SOON!!!
love, Lenka

The Gillman Family said...

Hey Sheri

I noticed your comment on our blog. We are holding up pretty good but it's hard! It was exciting to see our names hit the top ten but honestly after that we've tried to not get too excited b/c we know that there is a possibility of getting passed up many times with what we are asking for. We are hopeful for something in February but if not.... we'll keep trusting God! Love the new car! Blessings,

Rob & Candy said...

you crack me up! That vechile is a beast... it looks like the boys love it too

Rob & Candy said...


Peggy said...

Love the new Suburban! We have one and love it!! We traveled thirty hours with six of us in it last spring and ALL lived!! This is for sure the piece of equipment!! I love your description of the purchase!! How unique!!

Now, I think you should call the agency so you can get your referral!! :-) Oh, I am being greedy now because if you get your referral, then we move up the list!!

Is that dialing I here?? LOL :-)

Peggy (YG sibling group friend)

Apryl said...

I can NOT believe after experiencing the luxury of my van you didn't just go ahead and buy one for yourself :)

My grandpa sold his huge XL somethingorother right before we bought our van. I was kicking myself for not buying his suv before he sold it. Nice car, with so much room, traveling will be soooo pleasant!

much love,