Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Our Official Day in Court

This week has been a bit over-the-top crazy to say the least. Soccer practice for all three boys geared up this week, we had a field trip, I started the week off sick, and we had two days worth of dr. visits to get through for updating our homestudy/USCIS forms in order to get our kids home. Honestly, we have been home to sleep and eat breakfast. That is about it.

BUT... today, when I got home from my madness, I had a lovely email waiting for me from our agency titled "Court Date". HOORAY!! That is fun to open :) So.... our big day in court IS....

May 20th

Now, for those of you not familiar with adopting from Ethiopia, it is quite likely that we will not pass court the first time. The current statistic is 30% of families do not. However, our Yahoo Support Group is praying this number out of existence, so soon 100% of families will be passing court the first time :).
The great thing about May 20th is that it is only around 2 weeks before Tony is expected to be home from his Big D. Now that we have a date, he can begin to work on finding a way to get home in time to travel with me to Ethiopia. Funny, I sorta was hoping that we would find a way to have some "alone" time soon after he came home from the big D... I guess I wasn't expecting to have it in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia!!!!

So... to my prayer warrior friends-- mark May 20th on your calendar with HUGE red, blue, green and yellow markers (the colors in the ET flag), and start praying for a successful court date the 1st time!!! Let's pray these two newest members of Team Dragovich home!

Grace and Peace,


kim said...

So glad to be sharing this journey with you. Court Dates!! Ya Who!!!!

Jori said...

Great news and of course Tony could always just meet you in ET - He is already closer than you. OK Not a good plan :) - we'll be praying for his return home and court!
love, jori

KLT said...


We will definitely be praying on all accounts, for court, for Tony's homecoming, and for all the "meantime" preparations amidst the craziness of everyday life.

Michele said...

Heard through the CCA grapevine that you had exciting news so I'm checking in. Praying for all this...big stuff you are putting before a big God.

Tell your 3 boys my 3 said hello.