Friday, May 13, 2011

Getting Dirty

Finally. The grass is shooting through the bed of straw which has graced our yard for two weeks now. For the past three months our yard has looked like a disaster. The process of landscaping-- at least our landscaping--is so dirty, messy, wrought with pitfalls, back-tracking, little mistakes... big mistakes and slow, slow progress.

My life has felt a little like my yard lately. Messy, mistake-ridden and just down right dirty.

I over-trained for my last marathon and stress-fractured my foot during the race. Then, I was too prideful to quit, running over 16 miles on a fractured foot. I've had people say how amazing it was that I finished. What they don't realize it was no noble cause which kept me going... it was fear of humiliation.

Then there's this adjusting to a daughter thing. I'm embarrassed to say how many days I've been reduced to cursing once everyone is in bed and Superman and I are safely out of ear-shot...
               "I'm telling you, all it seems all I hear is b!&#%ing and moaning!"

I'm guessing this is because I've never tape recorded myself and had it played back on me.

I know I've mentioned this before, but here I am again, wondering... is this her personality? Is this her "girl-ness"? Is this her adjusting to adoption?

I remember the first year I attended a homeschool conference. I went to all the boy-specific workshops-- how to teach 'em, how to discipline 'em, how to put up with their farting and grossness...

This year, I'll be attending all the girl-specific sessions. Especially the ones on how to handle  b!&#%ing and moaning. :-)

Thankfully, my yard is almost done. At least the overhaul. Now what's left is to help it grow, keep planting and nurturing the gardens, keep getting dirt under my nails and into my shoes. After all, it's the only way my flowers will continually burst with color, the birds and butterflies will dance and serenade us and my vegetables will produce abundantly.

Guess it'll be the same with my life. Keep getting dirty.

Grace and Peace,


KLT said...

Ha, ha. That post made me smile. (But I really don't have any fabulous insights to offer--just messy life smiles of identification!) Keep diggin'!

Apryl said...

You let me know if you find out how to handle this strange little creatures called girls. They are HARD. Different. But we used to be them and we turned out okay, right? Sheesh, I feel your pain, sometimes I think I might suffocate from the neediness. Then feel horrid that I just need to cook dinner without you attached to me, please. And don't sigh. Or moan. Or stomp. And I've got two, seems like one has a good day when the other doesn't. We must figure this business out before teen years hit :)

Team Dragovich said...

So good to have encouragement and know I'm not alone.

Apryl... speak for yourself, I'm still waiting for how I turn out :)-- ha, ha!

Aaahh. Teen years. Excuse me while I go pour myself a bottle of wine, and curse some more.

If only all my vices would help :)

Thanks for the encouragement, girls!