Thursday, May 8, 2008

No DTE for Team D this week :(

Well, it happened... I messed up. Can you believe it??? I'm still having a hard time accepting it myself-- ha, ha!! Terra (our "sub" family coordinator while Duni is away) emailed a confirmation on Tuesday morning saying that she got the Dossier. Good... Then she said that if there were any problems, she would call in the afternoon to let me know what needed changed. Okay... Well, we came home from our Tuesday afternoon errands, and sure enough, America World had called. My heart just sank. I called her back and she told me that two of my documents were missing state certification. I can't believe that I missed that. I think I just got confused with what was JAG notarized vs. public notarized (the difference being that the JAG notary does not need the extra step of the state cerfication, where as the public notary does). PLUS, Ethiopia changed their rules on notaries while we were half way through our process, so those two documents just got lost in the shuffle...

Yes, I had my little pity party and barely got off the phone with Terra without getting all choked in my words. And then, while I was crying and moving onto the next thing we had to get to (because lately, I just don't have time to stop everything and have a sob fest-- I have to multi-task even in my emotional outbursts), I prayed, "Lord, this isn't a big deal, right? Help me to let this go and not let it ruin my thoughts..." And, then as soon as I prayed it, He answered... "Have faith, I am more than able to bring back the time lost. Trust me and know that I am in the midst of this adoption... it is My adoption, in which your family is participating... With Me."
It was a quiet thought, that brought about a huge heart shift. Later, on the way to our "next thing", Tony sweetly reminded me, "Honey, maybe this week is the difference between one girl or two, becoming available." I love my man!!!!

I think that so far in life, this is probably one of the most faith-stretching/building experiences I have gone through, yet (I'm sure that may change once Tony leaves for Iraq this December :)). Or, maybe it's just ALL faith-building and stretching-- IF you have the eyes to see it. Every day, multiple times and in multiple ways, I have a choice to make-- live in Faith in God who cares deeply for me and this family and who is "more than able" to move and work to cause "all things to work for the good of those who love Him"... or try to put my confidence in my own abilities, the abilities of "the system" (ha, ha!!), or my money that is supposed to buy me "security", etc... none of which are fool-proof. For anyone reading our blog who does not have a personal relationship with Christ, I'm sure this whole adoption thing as "faith building" and all my "Jesus talk" sounds silly, or incomprehensible. I wish I could express the PEACE that our family feels deep down in our lives--- but I can't... It surpasses all earthly understanding...

So, now I'm waiting for those two documents to come back to me, then back to JAG to have them notarized so we can skip the State Cert process (this is what Terra said to do) and back to America World. THEN... it will go to ET NEXT Friday, AND THEN we will be officially "DTE" (Dossier to Ethiopia)

Grace and Peace,

PS... by the way, for anyone wondering about Isaac's wrist (Nana!)... he is doing great. He took off the brace last Thursday and has been gaining strength in it every day. In fact, I would venture to say that it is completely healed (baseball in the back yard, is my clue :D)


Jori said...

Oh Shari, I love Tony's comment for encouragement!!! even through the frustration :):)It will happen, you can fix this, and next week you join the ranks!!! YEAH!!

the Steiger's said...

OH no.
God is in control. Like Jori wrote you can fix this.
love, Lenka

Carpenters said...

Arg, I'm sorry that your DTE will be delayed. Every setback seems so large, but you're right, God has it all covered. Isn't His Peace the best, most indescribable feeling? We'll be praying that your dossier get safely into Girmachew's hands quickly.

With Love,

The Gillman Family said...


I am sorry that you are having to go back. But our God is in control. He can fix anything and He is proud of your dedication to journey with Him through this process. Praying for a quick return on that paperwork.

Christy. said...

I loved your comments, they had such great meaning. I am sure it is hard but realizing that God teaches us in the process, not just with His final result.
As I have been discouraged lately because of Jeff shying away from the adoption idea I came across this verse...

But these things I plan won't happen right away. Slowly, steadily, surely, the time approaches when the vision will be fulfilled. If it seems slow, be patient! For it will surely take place. It will not be late by a single day.
Habakkuk 2:3

I even wrote it down and put it by my kitchen sink, along with another encouraging verse. I hope this verse encourages you as much as it did me!
God Bless!

Sherry said...

Shari - Oh I am sad for you! How frustrating. But you are so right, that God can totally make up that one week if need be. He put the date you would receive your little one on the kingdom calendar before the creation of the world. Nothing you or any other person does, can speed up or slow down that. It is already claimed. Let God be God!

(((Hugs!))) Sherry :)

kristin said...

bummer!! Get it fixed quick and maybe we will be travel buddies!

kristin said...

Let me know what pictures you want and I can load them unto my proofing system and you can order them online and ship them straight to you.!! Thanks!@!!

Andrea said...

Oh, your hubby is so sweet! He is right, every little delay is in God's hands and is for a purpose. I am SOOO excited you are that close!!!! I LOVE the idea of your nursery, toile is one of my fav. patterns and the chocolate brown, velvet no less.....I could eat it up. Boy would I love to road trip to help you out, a little girls weekend. One day we will hopefully meet. :) I didn't use a pattern, just measurements, call me and I can tell you, really easy!