Saturday, May 3, 2008

Quick turn around!

Well, that was fast! Yesterday (Friday), when I finally came home from our whirlwind day of school, homeschool co-op, and HUGE church event, there was our amended I-171H laying out on the counter, just as lovely as could be :)! What a great thing to come home to. Tony had made it home before I did, and he was the one who actually opened it. So, now I have reminded him three times (at least) that I WILL be at the hospital on Monday as SOON as he has his cases done, so we can go to the JAG office and get our sweet form notarized. Then it is off to Kinkos/FedEx for the last few copies and an overnighter to AWAA. I already called our family coordinator (well, the coordinator standing in for Duni while she is in Africa this month) to confirm a few things. I am REALLY praying that it works out this way. Tony's schedule is SOOOO unpredictable, and he tends to have a 20 things going at once while he is at work (and home). And after being gone last week???? could be hairy. But, the good thing is, he is as motivated as me to get this Dossier OUT OF OUR HOUSE!!!!! So, a motivated Tony bodes well for me :)... especially when we are UNITED in our motivation :)!

In other Team Dragovich news... this week has been like a NASCAR race at a short track! I can't even remember doing school-- I think 2 days??? Between illness, errands, and activities, we have just been goin', goin', goin'!! And to top it off, Tony had this wonderful idea to plant a vegetable garden in the back 40 (just kidding, we only have 1/2 an acre :)) and he made it HUGE!! It took me 2 days to get it entirely planted and if the deer and other animals don't get to it first, then I will be feeding the entire neighborhood, besides ourselves this late summer and fall :)!! I'll take pictures once we get up the frame for the vining plants. We designed it in the square foot garden pattern. I also planted a whole slew of herbs between my rose bushes up against the deck. AND two blueberry bushes as well. We'll see. It is my alternative to doing a CSA (community supported agriculture), which I have LOVED doing in the past, but with the cost of gas, I just can't justify the hit we'll take. This spring just about put me under with soccer and paying out every week to keep the tank filled!!! I'm sure you can all relate... So, we planted a rather large garden and hopefully it fills the void-- at least somewhat. I have a feeling I'll learn more than I'll harvest this year, but as my dear hubby says, "You just can't put a price tag on learning!" Hmmm... I'll let that one be :)

Until next time...

Grace and Peace,


Carpenters said...

Praise God! I am so glad this was a minor hiccup.

With Love,

Christy. said...

I am so glad to see that you got the form. I hope it gets out fast and you can continue the process.
It is so fun for me to read about life for people in the amazing process of adoption.
While Jeff and I were both open and praying about adoption, now Jeff is stepping back. I think he is seeing the practical side of how life would be with four. The trouble is that I still feel the tugging in my heart. Whenever the thought comes over me that I couldn't be strong enough to raise four kids the verse that I can do all things through Him comes to mind. I am just praying that if this is what God wants us to do then He will work on Jeff's heart. I have an amazing peace about it and don't even feel the need to encourage (nag) my husband.
In the meantime, I will be praying for everything to go smoothly with your family. How exciting to be following His plan for your life, even with the ups and downs!!!
Have a great Sunday,

the Steiger's said...

I am so happy for you. It must feel great to get it fix.

Rob and Candy said...

wooohoo! so glad you are finally done with the paper chase.