Wednesday, April 30, 2008

YES!!!!...... but; no.

Well..... IT CAME! The highly sought after I-171H came today!! AND.... they screwed it up. The government messed it up. Can you believe that???? I mean, I didn't think our government COULD mess up!! Okay. That is enough sarcasm. They got the approval wrong. They only approved us for one infant girl, 0-24 months. You know, after all the prayer and discussion and thought that went into making our final request in the first place.... Well, I just sort of had to laugh. So I wouldn't cry :) It really isn't a big deal. At least I don't think it will be. We'll see how long it takes Immigration to get us a new corrected form. They said 3 business days. They also said in the reply email that they rarely make mistakes and not to email back a "thank you". I kind of think that is funny. They DID rewrite the correct approval back to me in the reply email AND they got back to me in the SAME business day, instead of the two they said they were allowed to take up to-- don't ask me what I would get to do if they didn't get back to me in two days... call the "now your not even following your own rules" police??? Okay-- no more sarcasm, I promise.

For all my "non-savvy" adoption friends, let me explain what the I-171H does. I know I've said before that it is our "pass" to bring our kids into the country. It is NOT my ticket to now go to Ethiopia to pick up kids!!! I WISH! All this form does is complete a packet of about 15 or so other documents called a "Dossier" (maybe one day I'll actually count them all up) which is then shipped off to Ethiopia so that we can "get in line" so to speak. Pardon the pun-- that is not how I mean it, but that sort of how it is. At least that is how it feels, right now. But the cool thing is, you know how when your in a really long line-- I mean a REALLY, REALLY long line-- you start to chat with the people around you in the same line and by the end of the wait you have created all these new friendships and have a date to get together next week for coffee at B & N? Well, that is the wonderful thing about waiting in the adoption line. We have the honor of meeting amazing people, making new, lifelong friendships and sharing in all the ups and downs of this unique journey called "adoption". So, when the I-171H came today but it was all messed up... it was okay. Because God is in control and I'm not alone ;)

Grace and Peace,


Susan said...

When we first applied for our I-171H, the Charlotte office sent it back saying that we checked the wrong box for something, so that is how I accurately predicted the tone of the lovely email you would receive. ;-)

We will rejoice with you in a few business days...

Love, Susan

The Gillman Family said...


Hang in there. It will all be worth it in the end. I can't wait for you to join the "line" with us!

Kim (YG)

Carpenters said...

Oh, how bittersweet. I'm glad that they will be correcting it quickly, but how frustrating after all the waiting. Hang in there.

With Love,

Rob & Candy said...

Hey Shari, I'm sorry it came back wrong BUT rejoicing with you as the new one is on the way!

the Steiger's said...

I am glad you got your I171H however sorry that you have to wait some more. By the way they do make mistakes often. We got ours wrong as well. In our case they fix it right the way on the spot. (we live 15 minutes for the office.) They appoved us for 0 chilren. Makes no sence to me. However I have to say they were more then helpfull to fix the problem. I will be praying (and singing) you will get your correct form SOON.
love, Lenka
Where, oh where is our I-171H
Where, oh where can it beeee?
I look every da-ay, but still it's not here,
Where, oh where can it be???

Christy. said...

I am so glad they are fixing the problem! Hang in there!