Thursday, April 17, 2008

No real news, but a good article to read :)!

Our Yahoo Group has been hopping lately!! Lots of great discussion and debate and article sharing, too. This one in particular, I wanted to share with all of you adoring Team Dragovich fans ;D. It is an article from the BBC concerning adoption in Ethiopia, AND the orphanage they highlight at the beginning of the interview, Kids Care, is the orphanage that our agency is currently partnering with-- along with another orphanage we just began working with called Kingdom Vision International (you can find them to the right of our screen under "Adoption sites we like"). Anyway, here is the link to the article:

BBC article

On the paper chasing front... well, our home study coordinator received the green light from our family coordinator on our home study report review. She was supposed to get the report notarized yesterday, so I except to see it any day in the mail, now. She also would have sent a copy of the report to the USCIS office, so MAYBE.... SOON... we will have the coveted I-171H and can get this paper baby shipped off!! It's burning a hole in my dining room table... and I NEED that table!! It's going to be our homeschool table soon!!!!

Grace and Peace to you all,


Sherry said...

Getting your homestudy approved is REAL news! One step closer!!! Praying that 171H home to you!

Sherry Semlow :)

Susan said...

I don't think it will be too long after USCIS gets your homestudy! YEAH!


shawn and tisha said...

Yay! You are getting close to the end of the paperwork! Pretty soon you'll be joining the waiting group! :)
Tisha (awaa yg)

Apryl said...

You are getting there! That pesky 171 holds everyone up :)

In response to your comment, I'm not SO completely careless to just call it quits this year on school:) We started early and I PRESSED TOWARD THE MARK all year long! We probably will do a smidge of school over the summer (in such a way that they don't even notice they are being taught). Like, "Hey, Everett, I lined up 7 cars, how many wheels are there?"

Such a nasty mommy!

ps. I wore my crocs today--it was 75 up here!


Apryl said...

I should just email you :) But this is easier :)

I was NOT offended at all!! Sorry if you thought I was! I probably shouldn't have said "careless" since cutting a month off the end of a school year wouldn't be careless! Anyway, just teasing you!

btw, saw the sonlight link--do you use sonlight? I'm trying not to notice the runners world link so I'm not riddled with guilt for not running lately...ugh.

Rob & Candy said...

woohoo! your home study is approved. That is BIG NEWS.

Jori said...

Great news on your homestudy! Progress! Thanks for sharing!
Blessings, Jori

Christy. said...

I just found your blog and I cannot tell you enough how beautiful your explanation was about why you are adopting!! We are in the quiet whisper part and it was so amazing to read what you wrote!
Feel free to check out my blog but please don't say anything about adoption stuff because we haven't said anything about this to our family or friends. :0)
Your family seems wonderful, I hope you get your newest addition soon!