Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Happy Dance

This morning started out super great!! It was just another Tuesday post-vacation day; trying to get some sort of school done, when I got a call from our family coordinator returning my call from yesterday about drama mail to which I came home (no notary seal and MD rejected fingerprints). Patiently, she helped me to establish that YES, there IS a notary seal on the document-- not ALL notaries are circular... some are RECTANGULAR!!! Wow, don't I feel like a ding. At least I seem to add some comic relief to her days when we do talk.

But the best piece of news she gave me was to stop pursuing a police report from the State of Maryland-- Praise the Lord!!! I think I made her tired just explaining why they rejected the prints, asking why we had to have FBI AND State clearance, etc... she said; "You have NC clearance, right? Between that, your homestudy report AND USCIS clearance, I think we are covered." I was so giddy, I started giggling on the phone, which made her start giggling and then I just kept saying how she made my day, week and month!! Now, if I can only get my money back from MD... that ought to be a trick.

So, now we are down to our final two pieces of paper-- the homestudy report and the I-171H form. All other documents are gathered and waiting to be copied and sent off...which is good, because it looks like we have a long wait ahead of us.

That's it For now. Enjoy the pics of our week in NV!
Grace and Peace,


jill coen said...

Shari, love your pics! You are SO close to being in the waiting stage! Can you believe it?! I can't wait to get to NC so we can hug!

Andrea and Peter Kidd said...

Thanks for you post on my blog and your prayers. I loved seeing the skiing pics. Makes me want to hit the mountains!


I love your blog, added it to my blogroll :)

Rob and Candy said...

I love when God surprises us! I'm so glad yesterday's troubles have been solved... well, all except the refund.