Saturday, March 29, 2008

My Superman

Tony just called me from Moorehead City. He wanted to tell me how much he loves the smell of the sea. If he were there to play, I would have made a mean sound in the phone and hung up. But he isn't there to play; he is there to work. He is working so hard for our family. So, I have to steal this moment away to brag about my Superman. When we moved down here to NC almost a year ago, Tony was given a HUGE assignment. He was the guy who was supposed to get the pain clinic at Ft. Bragg's hospital-- Womack-- up and running in a serious way. With the influx of wounded warriors coming back from Iraq and a large majority of those coming to Ft. Bragg, there is a great need for long-term pain management care at Womack. Tony hit the ground running and he has been running with it ever since. He works tirelessly for the soldiers-- he is constantly fighting the military red tape, inefficient hospital systems, political garbage, etc. He LOVES to do research and is always working to improve on current pain treatments and partner with other pain specialists, writing up protocols and review papers, conducting research and so many other things I have no clue about.

And when he isn't working hard for the soldiers, he is working hard doing extra work so that our family is able to do things like adopt, have money for vacations, get us settled in our new home and more. And despite all this WORK, he is still around an amazing amount of the time! Way more than he was in medical school or residency. He rarely misses a soccer practice or game. He makes himself available every day to play with the boys, and he finds time to be intimately involved with the ministries of our church. He is my #1 running fan (okay, maybe my only running fan-- except for my parents and sibs. of course :)), my advisor, sounding board, and best friend. HE is the reason I am Wonder Woman! (hey, it works for me!)

For most of you, this is a boring post; and I'm sorry, but this one isn't really for you :) It's for my Superman. I am ashamed to say that most of the time, I am too absorbed with my own world to recognize all that he does for us. God has gifted Tony in amazing ways. And Tony brings God glory by how he uses his gifts and passions.

So, please raise your coffee this morning-- or your beer mug this afternoon while watching the NC game (of course that is what you'll be doing this afternoon, right?!)-- to help me toast my Superman; Faster than his speeding life, more powerful than the forces of darkness which try to keep him down; Abounding in the Love of Jesus Christ-- making Team Dragovich's life one of eternal abundance!!

Grace and Peace;
Wonder Woman ;D


Rob and Candy said...

Go superman! I'm a navy brat, Rob's dad- Airforce and Rob- National Guard... I appreciate all you do for our men and women in uniform.

Rob and Candy said...

hey Shari- here's the BOC story-
Igor and I were drawing with chalk. I drew our family and started to write our names. Igor told me to write his little brother's name. I asked what his name was and Igor spelled BOC. I asked Igor how to pronounce the name and he spelled out the letters BOC. Then he added- "That how you say it, mom." Hmmm, I am pretty sure we will not be naming our second son BOC, but for now, that's his name.