Monday, June 9, 2008

AWAA families in ET right now

Hi bloggy friends. I am posting on some of the families from our adoption agency who are currently in Ethiopia picking up their children. For those of you interested in what this whole adoption process looks like, this is your chance to follow some families who are THERE NOW!!! At least that is, if they blog through their journey-- I know that at least 3 of the 4 are. Here are the blogs to stalk-- I mean watch this week:

Kidd Family
Cordell Family
West Family
Gardner Family

Pray for their safety and blessings for them as they are in ET this week.

On another note, I just heard through the grapevine that our agency just signed a contract with another orphanage in Ethiopia-- that brings the AWAA total to THREE orphanages from which children are being referred. That ought to help the referral process from getting too bogged down. I'm not so sure it will decrease wait times, but at least it will help them from INCREASING, which seemed to be the path we were heading down.

And, finally, I checked today to see just where in the world our dossier actually is. Low and behold... it is in Addis Ababa, waiting for delivery. COOL! This doesn't really mean anything other than we have official documents with OUR family's name on them, IN Ethiopia-- that's sort of weird, isn't it? Where do these documents now go???? Behind ALL the other families in front of us :D!

Grace and Peace,


Jori said...

Great to hear the you are "in ET"! What a great feeling after so much paperwork and work and worry and well now ... waiting and waiting and waiting! I just want to know how come the families back home say time is going by so fast??? :)
Blessings, Jori

Marilyn Starr said...

Hello I am Gramma to the two boys being adopted by Tony & Anne Starr
They are probably the only ones that do not blog. I am interested to know if all is going okay for them. I have been reading the other blogs since they all left. Thank you for any info.Saw a pic of them in line getting papers cleared.
God Bless
Marilyn Starr
Monroe MI