Sunday, June 15, 2008

Books, books, books!!!

Well, here they are. THE bookcases. I am so pleased. They look very nice in our new homeschool room; and I actually had to pick them out from a book and NOT in a showroom-- yikes! The new home school room is supposed to be a formal dining room, but we are just not formal dining room people, and I would rather have my school room on the main level of the house, next to the kitchen, rather than off in the far reaches somewhere. When we first moved into the house I could never imagine the room being a school room-- it was just too fancy!! But, low and behold, piece by piece, we are making that "too fancy" room into a sweet place to do school. Next week I will order my desk and a side-board (for baskets, more storage and displaying projects, plants, etc) to complete the room. Never in my adult life have I been able to order more than one piece of furniture at a time-- it feels so indulgent! Last month, Tony gave me a set amount of money to spend on furniture for the rest of the year, and I feel such a responsibility to stretch it as far as I can. It was a complete surprise to me, as he had told me at the beginning of our adoption process, that it would push "probation" back for another year (for those of you who don't know-- "probation" is the code word for NO BUYING FOR THE NEW HOUSE for the first year we lived there. This was the condition we had for when we moved down here). I also have to purchase the rest of our curriculum and books for this next year on that money, so you better believe I'm doin' my research and constantly examining the "needs" v. "wants" and trying to prioritize accordingly.

I have also been looking for material for curtains, for all the rooms, but first for the homeschool room and kitchen-- I think it would be fun to do a nostalgic school-house print of some kind (in the home school room). Did you know you can order material by the yard on-line now??? I'm sure this is old news to any of you who sew, but I had no idea!! This makes the task of getting material SOOO much less daunting! And the prices for great material are great, too!

So, there ya go. Bookcases. Just a funny sidenote... do you know how many rooms had to be re-arranged and re-organized in order to turn the dining room into the homeschool room? Five. Yes, you read that correctly. My husband would say that only I could make a one room project turn into Five... I say it is my God-given talent for creative organization :D!!

Grace and Peace,


Apryl said...

You've made me sin, I'm SO envious of those bookshelves. Wow! I have shelves all over this house, but a set like that would solve so many problems. I'm a total before and after freak--POST pictures when you get done with your homeschool room. Since that is of particular interest to a fellow homeschool mama :)

Susan said...

I LOVE the shelves! I do believe you about rearranging 5 rooms! We've had to do that too. Our dining room is our homeschool room too!


Carpenters said...

I'm so with Apryl! Your bookshelves are definitely envy worthy. I am also a before and after person and would like to see how the room comes together. Btw, I think your idea with the curtain fabric sounds lovely. I'm definitely storing up ideas for when we begin to think about homeschooling.

With Love,

ethiHOPEia said...

Haha! You sound like me now! I am glad things are pulling together for you! I just got a book out of the library on easy curtains...if I find any nice ones I'll let you know!

Jori said...

I love the book shelves! We have so many books and such and I don't even homeschool! I am so not dedicated to get it done everyday ~ Oh, lets skip today and play and then the entire year would go bye! Kuddos to you!
Blessings, Jori
DTE 02/19 either x2