Thursday, June 5, 2008

School's Out, School's Out, Teacher Let the Monkeys OUT!!!

Finally!! I can close the books and take a breather-- at least for a month or so :D! Yesterday the boys officially completed another year of homeschooling and their first year of schooling in NC-- testing and all!! We celebrated by going to the gym (so Mommy could work out), eating out at South of the Border (I don't really like their food, but the boys LOVE nachos and their palate isn't as fussy as mine), then shopping at Old Navy for some new summer digs-- I even splurged on myself and bought some much needed nighttime attire and 2 swimsuits (now that we live surrounded by lakes and swimming pools, I am finding that my meager swim wear wardrobe can't hang here in Carolina Lakes!!) Of course, after it was all said and done, I began feeling guilty for spending money on myself for such things as nightgowns and swimsuits-- oh yeah, and three tank tops; which is all I live in during the sweltering Carolina summers! Just about the time I had myself convinced I was going to return it all the next day (just my stuff), Tony brought up the mail that evening and-- lo and behold... there was a check in the mail, addressed to ME for almost the exact amount that I spent at Old Navy. Wow. At first it didn't dawn on me what sweet gift God had just deposited into my life. And then I started to realize how once again, He is such a personal Savior. It's not about the money. Honestly, we would have been okay if the check hadn't of come-- it would have been a long week until next pay day, but we weren't going to NOT eat-- we just would have just eaten a lot of rice, pasta and beans, and I would have not gotten in the van... all next week! :) It's about Him teaching me to not live in guilt-- over anything! Even when I do mess up and over-spend or yell at my kids or worry about stuff I have no business worrying about, His GRACE is sufficient and His mercy and forgiveness washes anew. Guilt only squelches God's Spirit which lives in me. And if my daily prayer is, "God, let me live AS Christ did with You-- in me and through me; let me live as ONE with Christ as Christ lives as ONE with You," then there is no room for guilt. Only forgiveness and faith that He makes all things NEW, and that He will finish His perfect work in me... and it is good.

Oops, that was an unexpected sermon-- ha, ha!! All I wanted to do was share with my 3 adoring fans that Team Dragovich is done with school :D!! Oh yeah, and to show you our growing garden and our "first fruit", too-- although I think in my excitement, I may have picked it too early. Tonight we must build an alter to the Lord and sacrifice our jalapeno pepper with fire and prayer-- Just KIDDING!!! We'll sacrifice it in the next batch of homemade salsa :D

Grace and Peace,


the Steiger's said...

Great job mom. It must feel great to be done. We just got Sam's test results in the mail the other day. He did great so we are moving forward. Hey we may be in NC next spring. We are thinking renting a house on the beach for a week.

Carpenters said...

Congratulations on completing the school year! Praise God for His love and provision. Your impromptu sermon was great. And I had to laugh at the jalapeno sacrifice.

With Love,

kim said...

Congrats on wrapping up the year!!!! And, what a sweet blessing from the Lord this week.

Kim *YG*

jill coen said...

Preach on, Sista!

Can't wait to see the garden - in person!!

Did you get my email? Sounds like you've been busy with school and harvesting...

Rob and Candy said...

YAH, schools out for the summer!
The summers in the south are HOT, you need cool clothing if you are to survive. I'm so glad provided!

Rob and Candy said...

opps, I meant, I'm so glad God provided...