Monday, June 2, 2008

My Isaac is 7

Despite my best efforts, my children are growing up faster than I can manage. Saturday was Isaac's 7th birthday and it was quite the whirlwind of activity!! First, he surprised me by assuming that I had read his little mind and planned a most wonderful event for him. I ASSUMED that since he never could decide what he wanted to do for his birthday (it was his turn to have a party this year), he would be happy with a family-only celebration. WRONG... Everyday I learn more about my children's personalities and thought processes-- and it is always through the fire of experience gone awry. Oh well. After my head stopped spinning from the realization that he was expecting a party that was never planned (have I mentioned that I have been too consumed with life and especially life that doesn't really matter?), I went into "must save the birthday" mode. It turned out great. Not by my efforts, but by wonderful friends and neighbors who said, "YES! We'd love to help celebrate Isaac's 7th birthday!!" So... Isaac had a day at the beach (not the ocean, the lake beach in our community) with his friends and us, of course :D-- tubing, swimming and building fortresses; eating homemade pizzas the kids all got to create themselves (Isaac LOVES to help me in the kitchen), ice-cream from our own home-town ice cream parlor and homemade cookies. In other words, Isaac's birthday was of the "homemade" variety... and his cup was filled :)

I'll leave the rest of the story to the pictures. Happy Birthday, my little Man!!!! Daddy and I are so VERY proud of you and Praise God for how He has designed you to be!!!!!!!!!!!

Grace and Peace,

PS... Adoption update-- we are officially DTE on 5/30/08. We now enter the 7-9 month wait for a referral... or longer depending on what happens to the wait times between now and then.


ethiHOPEia said...

Congratulations on having your dossier sent off to Ethiopia! I am happy that you are moving ever closer to the day you see their face! :) May you have the strength to wait with joy and peace! (me too!)

InGod'sHands said...

Happy late birthday, Isaac! I'm excited for all of Team Dragovich. Can't wait for that referral(s) for you.


Anonymous said...

I can't belive he's 7!!! It seems like last summer I was tying his little sneakers in the kitchen and he was telling me that he just turned 4.
How I wish we could have been there to give birthday wishes!
All my love, Emily

kristin said...

yay for DTE and boo hoo for longer wait times!

Rob & Candy said...

woo- you are DTE.
Which "beach" did you go to? It looks like fun