Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bedtime, playtime and...Guacamole??

Sharing is hard-- whether you're 2 or almost 6! Or 34... Let's just be real, here!

JB and Sam are "sharing" and RiSa's getting the sleepy eye glaze

Boy... if you would have asked me this morning how life with 5 kids is going-- 2 of whom speak not a lick of English-- I would have either started crying off the bat, shot you an mean "RiSa" look, or maybe even made some sarcastic comment to let you really know how I feel. Whew-- good thing no one asked!!! :) The nighttime routine with RiSa is tricky. I lay down with her for both nap time and bedtime. She pretty much fusses for both, but at some point calms down and falls asleep. Actually, it doesn't even take too long. I can only imagine what is floating through her little mind-- going from sharing a crib with probably at least one other toddler in a room full of cribs that look the same, to having her own room, with both a HUGE crib (compared to what she had at the Transition Home) and a big girl bed with no side rails. Hmmm. I knew this would be tricky and was waiting to see how she responded to bedtime in general, before making any decisions as to where to have her sleep upon arriving home-- in her crib, which she hates; in her bed, which she hates less; in bed with us, which I'm not thrilled to start doing unless absolutely necessary; or let her sleep in the boys' room, which ended up not being an option since she doesn't really just lay down and go to sleep when it is bedtime. I remember this transition with each of my boys. That season of being too big for the crib, too unruly to be trusted to just lay down and go to sleep, waking in the middle of the night to sleep with us... she isn't so different.

The point to all this is-- I'm TIRED!!! Which doesn't help with the perspective thing. But... I sucked it up and took all the kids to the park in our community this morning while Tony went on post to try and get the kids registered in our military health care system. Both RiSa and JB LOVED the swings and monkey bars-- neither of which they could do unassisted. The boys fought over who would push RiSa, and RiSa whined and screamed every time someone other than me pushed her. The monkey bars were a trick, too. They don't really get the whole take turns or sharing thing. Or, maybe they do, but since they don't speak English they don't understand when I am trying to explain to them that we have to take turns doing the fun stuff-- like monkey bars. It didn't help, either, that Isaac and Sam kept getting frustrated with them for not waiting their turn. The whole language barrier is much harder for the boys to tackle than it is me and Tony. They get all offended when JB just goes in front of them, or doesn't respond to their directions. I am constantly reminding them that, "No, your new brother is not mean or rude-- he doesn't understand what you are saying, and I don't think he ever really practiced taking turns in his life before now." When it comes to RiSa, however... well, we'll just hold our comments for now :D!!

We ended up having a really nice day, actually. The new kids are completely enamored with bikes, scooters and tricycles of all kinds. They will spend FOREVER working the peddles, pushing themselves up and down our cul-de-sac and JB even started trying his hand at the bicycle. Of course, he saw big bro's doing it, and then they took off for a bike ride and he was left behind. That sparked the all out effort to learn to ride. Tony and I have sore backs and tight hammies tonight. Hmmm... wonder why?

Dinner and afterwards had to be my highlight, though-- except for bathtime. But, that's another story of bubble craziness. I have been working hard to put the freshest of fresh on the table at night-- goodness knows their little bodies have been lacking real nutrition. And we are trying all kinds of fruits and vegetables. But, here is a funny one that I discovered they like-- especially RiSa... guacamole!!! I made fresh salsa today and guacamole and that girl just chowed down!!! JB, too. And RiSa liked the fresh peppers off the grill, too. They are kind of picky about their fruits and veggies. So far they will eat peas and corn, fresh salsa, avacados, bananas and apples with a vengence. They are NOT hip on cherries, blueberries or strawberries. Neither of them took to the smoothies I made today, but they both LOVE homemade bread. YEAH! I knew they liked bread-- but I wasn't sure they would dig the "good" stuff.

We ended our night with lacing cards, matching bears and a bedtime story for RiSa. This was the sweetest night yet. No crying, fussing or fighting. She lay comfortably in my arms while I read "Goodnight Gorilla", then we shut out the lights, cuddled and within minutes she was out. Pray for a good night's sleep!! Speaking of which... I better get to bed!!!!!

Grace and Peace to you all,

PS... Please keep ALL the families who have just come home with their littles in your prayers. We are each experiencing such unique, exciting and challenging days post-travel and I know each family desires with all their hearts to live out these days for God's glory. :) Thank you!


kim said...

Praying for you all Shari! Thanks for sharing your transition home with us!!

Anonymous said...

Love it! Can I come over for fresh gauc too!!?? Feeling some craziness over here at times...I think I'm ready for about 2 months to be gone!! Ha! The kids are doing great...just a little meltdown today! Can't blame them! Love you guys!