Monday, July 6, 2009

Today is the day!!!

I left the camera upstairs so no pictures in this post. That's okay. I'm sure all you care about are seeing pictures of the kids anyway and we don't have those-- yet! But... today is the big day!!!! It will be pure torture until this afternoon, as we have our "paper work party" in the morning and then have lunch before heading over to the Transition Home to meet the kids during the afternoon. Is this just standard with paperwork? I mean the fact that paperwork is painful by itself is enough. But then to have to spend an entire morning doing paperwork-- which is keeping us from seeing the kiddos and add insult to injury by calling it a "paperwork party"??? Right...

But, we had great fun yesterday attending the International Church, having coffee at the Hilton and driving up with the Pritchett family to see Enoto mountain. This is were the first Orthodox church in Addis was built. This was also where the emperor built his first home-- so it was like visiting Mount Vernon in the U.S.A. We had the sweetest guide who proudly shared the history of his faith and his emporer. He was excited to have Americans who were asking questions and hanging on every word he spoke-- little did he know it was mainly because we could barely understand his english :) But that's okay.

So, pray for us today, as we meet our kiddos and spend our first hours with them. I have tried so hard to not put any expectations on this day-- how impossible is that!! But, really... all I can really keep thinking is, "Wow. How did I get to have a life that is so bigger than my life???" What an amazing day this will be.

Grace and Peace,


Sheriff Tracy Carter Newsletter said...

you guys rock and we love you!
we're very excited and can't wait!

Riley and Denise

Bette said...

Have fun at the paper partay! Right... It will all be worth it when you finally meet the kids. God Bless Thee!

Sincerely Anna said...

Praying for you and super excited to do so! By now you're probably with them...and I'm feeling such joy for you.

Kari said...

Shari, we are stalking you:)) Love hearing all the details & can't wait to see pics of Gotcha Day!!

Peggy said...

So happy for you guys. Have a wonderful visit with the new kids.
Love Peg

Jodie said...

The Bullard Pack has been thinking about you every day....and I've prayed for an easy transition for ALL of you!
Can't wait to see the NEW Team Dragovich all together!