Monday, July 27, 2009

Week Two in Pictures...

Our official move to a 2 TV family-- SPOILED KIDS

Everyone is zoned to the movie but SassyFrass-- imagine that

Look how RiSa likes to carry Bitty Baby-- TOO MUCH CUTENESS!!

The "crash" on the couch after Wyatt carries JB on his back and RiSa on his front around the house-- this is a favorite game of theirs-- not Wyatt's :)
Sassy LOVES the water-- so does JB... he just needs to realize his limits :)

JB LOVES soccer!

Wyatt saving RiSa from the neighbors dog-- small yippy dog-- but still.. her Hero. Oh, did I mention my girl LOVES dresses???? She does.. Yeah me!

As you can see, we've hung out mostly at home or at our community's lake... good times :) Be sure to read the "Jars of Clay" post after this one. I didn't want to litter that post with too many pictures. Okay. Enjoy!!!

Grace and Peace,


the Steiger's said...

You got your girl:) and she loves dresses!!!! that is great. Now how big is her closet mom? We have the girls dresses everywhere !!!
love, Lenka

The Jackson 5 said...

Love the pictures and your beautiful "Jars of Clay" post. Thanks for sharing your precious ones with us! Love, Sara

Michele said...

May God keep shower rhema-filled moments in your time of transitions.

Tracy said...

in regards to my blog: The secret to helping another girl pee is to help steady their weight in a crouched position while stealthfully aiming said stream toward the back - not toward the front where shoes and legs are destined to be showered, as I obviously did :o)

Yes, we are just diving in. We are going to a CWA meeting tomorrow but are pretty sure we are set on AWAA. I'm still making my hubby go to CWA as he doesn't stay up till 1 am researching the process, like I do... Do you have a yahoo group just for AWAA? We haven't sent the app. in just yet so I don't think I could join yet.

Apryl said...

I love seeing these pictures! Isn't it great to have a girl who loves dresses? Praying for you all!
love, apryl