Monday, July 27, 2009

Week Two in Pictures...

Our official move to a 2 TV family-- SPOILED KIDS

Everyone is zoned to the movie but SassyFrass-- imagine that

Look how RiSa likes to carry Bitty Baby-- TOO MUCH CUTENESS!!

The "crash" on the couch after Wyatt carries JB on his back and RiSa on his front around the house-- this is a favorite game of theirs-- not Wyatt's :)
Sassy LOVES the water-- so does JB... he just needs to realize his limits :)

JB LOVES soccer!

Wyatt saving RiSa from the neighbors dog-- small yippy dog-- but still.. her Hero. Oh, did I mention my girl LOVES dresses???? She does.. Yeah me!

As you can see, we've hung out mostly at home or at our community's lake... good times :) Be sure to read the "Jars of Clay" post after this one. I didn't want to litter that post with too many pictures. Okay. Enjoy!!!

Grace and Peace,


the Steiger's said...

You got your girl:) and she loves dresses!!!! that is great. Now how big is her closet mom? We have the girls dresses everywhere !!!
love, Lenka

The Jackson Family said...

Love the pictures and your beautiful "Jars of Clay" post. Thanks for sharing your precious ones with us! Love, Sara

Michele said...

May God keep shower rhema-filled moments in your time of transitions.

Tracy said...

in regards to my blog: The secret to helping another girl pee is to help steady their weight in a crouched position while stealthfully aiming said stream toward the back - not toward the front where shoes and legs are destined to be showered, as I obviously did :o)

Yes, we are just diving in. We are going to a CWA meeting tomorrow but are pretty sure we are set on AWAA. I'm still making my hubby go to CWA as he doesn't stay up till 1 am researching the process, like I do... Do you have a yahoo group just for AWAA? We haven't sent the app. in just yet so I don't think I could join yet.

Apryl said...

I love seeing these pictures! Isn't it great to have a girl who loves dresses? Praying for you all!
love, apryl